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Hometown Edition


Friends of the Konza Prairie


October + November, 2023

The Visions of the Flint Hills annual benefit art exhibition is in Manhattan for the first time.

For 15 years, the Friends of the Konza Prairie have had an art show to benefit their educational fund. The show has been hosted by and held in the Buttonwood Art Space in Kansas City throughout this time. It was only this year, with the creation of the public art spaces in downtown Manhattan that part of the show has been able to come home to its roots.

The way the show works is that artist submit artworks that pertain to the prairie, which are then selected by a jury. The selected works are displayed and priced, and with the purchase of an artwork, the artist receives 50% of the selling price, and the FOKP receives 50%. The art space does not take any commission for the pieces sold during the show.

If you’re interested in seeing the work, they will be on display at the Buttonwood Art Space and the 409 Art Space in Manhattan from October 1 through December 8. If you’re interested in buying a piece in the show, there are QR codes and instructions in the gallery spaces.

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