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June + July 2024

Farrago, n. a confused mixture.

Farrago is a show containing the works of five local female artists. Connected to each other through classes taught by Robert Hubbard (a past artist displayed in the Downtown Art Spaces), the women banded together and hung a variety of works on the walls.

Megan Bauman is a native to Kansas. After receiving her Associates degree at Hutchinson Community College, she attended Kansas State University where she received a Bachelors of Fine Arts with an emphasis in graphic design. “In one of my first art classes during college there was a group of ladies taking the course for fun. No grades, no pursuit of a degree or portfolio, just a chance to learn something new, spend time with friends, and maybe create something they would be proud of. What a lovely lesson on what art and life could be.” You can reach Megan through email:

Heather Hnizdil has a BFA in Printmaking from KSU. She wears many hats and thinks life is too short to spend it doing only one thing. Art has always been a constant in her life while people and places have been in flux. Heather disregards the scholastic ideas that art must have a deeper purpose and just makes things she likes. If she wouldn’t want to look at it every day on her own wall, she isn’t interested in making it. Heather can be reached through email: or Instagram: @h.hnizdil.

Helen King is a local artist hailing from Wamego, Kansas with 20+ years of experience in art and design. She has always had a love of art and began drawing at a young age. After graduating from Kansas State University in 2003 with a Bachelors degree in Graphic Design, Helen started doing freelance graphic design and murals while raising her two sons. The last few years she has been focusing more on painting and pencil drawing. While her preferred medium is acrylic, she is exploring oil painting and hopes to use it more in the future. You can reach Helen through email: or instagram: @hmb14king.

Sandi McCoy Kramos was born on the western plains of Kansas and has spent most of her adult life in the Flint Hills. Her art is largely inspired by the flora and fauna of the area, with occasional inspiration from travels outside of Kansas and abroad. Some of the art she has most enjoyed creating has been based off of her husband’s photography. You can reach Sandi through email: or Instagram: @sandi.kramos.

Jenny Tucker O’Konski loves really getting into the small spectacular glimpses of magic. The tiny mushroom or the way sunlight lights up the bluestem seed heads or when the spring grasses turn the Flint Hills to velvet...each speak to shareable wonders. Exploring new art forms has enriched her life in so many ways! Jenny lives with her partner, amazing children James, Kathryn, and Ori, and a plethora of pets in the green outskirts of Wamego, Kansas. You can contact Jenny through email: or Instagram: @jennyaok.

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