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We’ve got special art events, too.

There are lots of events in Downtown Manhattan, and some of them are specifically geared towards the arts. Check out all the fun things to do downtown this year!

Third Thursdays

Every month, May through October, the street comes alive with makers, artists, and musicians. 

To learn more about the events or sign up to show your work, click on the buttons below.

Plein Air on Poyntz

We’re hosting our first annual plein air painting competition on July 18th. To learn more about plein air or to see the rules and sign up to join, click on the buttons below.

Block Print Party

Kansas State University is hosting the MAPC printmaking conference right here in Manhattan this fall. Join us October 3rd as we close down the street and transform downtown into a printmaking extravaganza!

You can visit the official event website and learn more about what will happen downtown from the buttons below. 

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